Anningie And Barrow Creek Pegmatite Fields, NT

Core has further expanded its dominant position in the NT tin tantalum pegmatite fields through applications for 2,500 sq km of additional lithium prospective tenements in the lithium-rich Anningie and Barrow Creek pegmatite fields near Mt Peake.

The applications significantly increase Core’s dominant position in the lithium rich pegmatite provinces of the Northern Territory, which includes the Mount Finniss Tin Tantalum Mines – the largest historically producing tin and tantalum pegmatite mine in the NT.

The major tin-tantalum pegmatite fields of the Northern Territory occur on the margin of the Pine Creek Orogen (e.g. Bynoe Field near Darwin) and the northern margin of the Arunta Region.

The Northern Arunta pegmatite province occurs in well-defined clusters in the Barrow Creek and Anningie pegmatite fields.

The lithium minerals spodumene, elbaite and lepidodite have been recorded in pegmatites from the Anningie Field. 

Geoscientific research by the Northern Territory Geological Survey (“NTGS”) and others also highlight that the lithium contents of the Barrow Creek source granites and pegmatites are considerably higher than most other granites in the NT, and comparable to source granites in the highly prospective Pine Creek Pegmatite Province. However, no modern exploration has been conducted for lithium in these areas of tin and tantalum production from these pegmatites.

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